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Default scion low compression

Hi, im currently having problem with my Scion tc. My car is a 2005 Scion tc RS 1.0 with 132,xxx. My Cel came on so i hook it to the machine and it gave me a p0301. So i check everything to spark plugs to coils packs to injectors but it was all fine. So I took it to a shop for a compression test and turns out cylinder 1 had low compression (cylinder 1 = 140psi, other cylinders 180psi). I believe its my valves because of a accident i had one night.

A week ago my 2005 Scion tc went into a foot and a half of water and then stalled out( I didnt have a inner fener on the left side), i decide to crank the engine, but no good. I had removed the air-filter on the spot and i found it was completely soaked with water. Having tools inside my car i remove the spark plugs and i found them also wet. With a flashlight i took a look down to the cylinder and to my surprise there was small water puddles inside the cylinders, so with all spark plugs removed, I cranked the engine to remove the water after 5 times of 10 seconds of cranking i seem to get most of the water. I cleaned the spark plugs and coil pack placed then back how there belong. I never placed the filter back as it was soaked. I turn it on with a rough idle, I had no choice to drive it home, I went aprox. one mile at 20miles per hour. The next day i changed the oil (10w30). It ran fine until the cel came on about 2 days after, it gave me a P0301 code( Cylinder 1 misfire detected). It also occasionally have a ticking sound, but it goes way at times.

I know cars, I have done everything to body, to suspension, to engine swaps but never have I done a valve job. What I am looking at is a couple of valve replacing from cylinder 1. So my question to you is what should i do, do it my self ( I have one week of knowledge about this job that i picked up on the web), have a mechanic do it and spend money i don't have, or sell the car to someone for they can go fix it themselves. I know most of you are going to go with the mechanic but what i really want to know is it a really difficult job or is it something i can do with my knowledge and your advice? If you say "go for it", then what are your tips and trick to complete this job. What I am really worried about it the timing. The engine is a 4 cylinder 2.4L VVTI from Toyota. Any advice on overcoming the timing setup, how to get it all timed right. And when replacing a valve, am I going to always have to lap the valve to head or is that depends on the condition of the head?

If your going with the mechanic answer then please give me a number of what to expect of paying for the job.

Note: car is drivable, just have a loss of power and rough idling

Thank for your help.
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valve replacement

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