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john smith 232 06-28-2019 04:18 AM

Practical Driving Lessons With NDS
Our lessons will always be at the pupils pace. Inexperienced Instructors tend to bring pupils to areas that are too advanced too soon and the pupil can’t cope. We always go with the pupils pace until their car control reaches the level to go to next phase.

● Driving Instructors in Finglas
We have a team of gifted and patient instructors living locally so that ensures punctuality of our lessons. We don’t have south side Instructors racing to finglas and end up 15 mins late. Test route knowledge in our game is essential so as to familiarise our pupils with some of the more tricky junctions and cover complex areas that can be difficult even for more experienced drivers.

● Pre test lessons in Finglas
Ideally about 2 to 3 weeks preparation should be needed in order to get your driving level to the required standard depending on you base standard. At our school we get pupils who have never had a lesson before but driving 10 years. Thats fine for everyday driving but technically the driving will not satisfy the tester from proper mirror work to blind spot checks and gear work must be timed correctly as well as not coasting in neutral. Our pretest driving lessons in finglas are designed to correct your habits,work on your weaker areas and develop the good parts to your driving.

● Essential Driver Training (EDT) in Finglas.
The EDT lessons were introduced by the Road Safety Authority on April 4th 2011
12 mandatory lessons were deemed to be areas where learner drivers would most benefit and improve their driving by targeted individual 1 hour sessions together with sponsor training with a designated driver. It is highly recommended that training be carried out in between the EDT sessions. There is no point in us offering the best driving lessons finglas has to offer if the training from the beginning doesn’t match the same level.

● 12 EDT Lesson Breakdown Structure
⮚ Lesson 1 – Car control and safety checks
⮚ Lesson 2 – Correct Positioning
⮚ Lesson 3 – Changing Direction
⮚ Lesson 4 – Progression Management
⮚ Lesson 5 – Correct Positioning (Continued)
⮚ Lesson 6 – Anticipation and Reaction
⮚ Lesson 7 – Sharing the road
⮚ Lesson 8 – Driving safely through traffic
⮚ Lesson 9 – Changing Direction (more complex situations)
⮚ Lesson 10 – Speed Management
⮚ Lesson 11 – Driving Calmly
⮚ Lesson 12 – Night Driving

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